It’s been more than a year here in Saint Louis, and what a year it has been!

A year ago, the Cheesedoodle couldn’t walk, we hadn’t settled into a church, the snickerdoodle didn’t even exist yet, and the mackerdoodle was still a toddler!

A year ago Jonathan was wrapping up summer Greek and it felt like he’d been doing it FOREVER!

A year ago I was wondering how we were ever going to survive our four years of seminary.

It’s been a year and Jonathan’s just about finished with biblical languages (unless he decides to take Aramaic as an elective, which he’s thinking about because he’s a glutton for punishment). Heading into the second year of school things suddenly seem different.

Maybe it’s because the last year hasn’t seemed that long really. Maybe it’s because having added the snickerdoodle to our doodle collection has made me realize that time moves quickly (she’s not a newborn anymore! How is that possible?)

But mostly I think it’s because today we played at a neighbor’s house in the morning and in a different neighbor’s wading pool in the afternoon. Tomorrow we’re going to a play group with friends from church. We’re wondering do we enroll both bigger doodles in Parent’s Morning Out this next semester, or do we let the mackerdoodle do ballet, and give the cheesedoodle his own activity. I’m teaching kindergarten Sunday school in the fall and Jonathan’s teaching an adult class and leading a small group.

In short, this is beginning to feel like home. Yes, things still pinch and rub every semester. Yes I miss my Georgia friends so much it hurts some days; but all in all things are beginning to settle in and the idea of doing this for another just under three years doesn’t seem like 1030 days, 19 hours, 34 minutes, 22 seconds most of the time. We’re here, with our garden and our children and it’s feeling a little less like exile.

Thank you Lord.


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3 responses to “Reflection

  • Becky

    Exile. Wow. Harsh.
    So glad you feel more at home. Will miss you at the playdate in the morning.
    (KB is going to do ballet!!)

  • Josh and Betsy Desch

    it sounds like you’ve hit your stride!! that’s such a good feeling when a place starts to feel like home. we’re just embarking on that all over again… right when st louis was making so much sense… alas. we miss you!!

  • Carole

    I’m still chuckling about our grand children being your “doodle” collection

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