In Which I Exceed My Own (Small) Expectations

My mackerdoodle birthday cake failures have been well documented here on the blog. They have been progressively less dramatic failures, with last year resulting in a cake that took MORE THAN AN HOUR to cook because I didn’t pour it into two cake pans. It was edible and pink – all my daughter cared about – but it was hardly spectacular.

This year the mackerdoodle gets two birthday celebrations – something I swore I would never do. Because we’ll be in Canada for her actual birthday, we invited a couple of little friends over today for cake, ice cream and  a princess theme craft. When I asked the mackerdoodle what she wanted her cake to be, she said “Pink. Maybe with a little purple?”

Now all of pinterest has seen this cake eleventy million times:

So much room for failure and disappointment. I didn’t even attempt it.

This is what she actually got:

Not bad, right?

The colors were chosen by the tubes of food coloring left over from last year’s pink cake, three of which just happened to match the colors in Aldi’s rainbow sherbet the mackerdoodle had chosen. So the plates looked like this:

with grape soda to drink. Mackerdoodle’s choice.

And with all that matchy-cutey-colorness it still managed to taste okay!

Guess what? We’re only doing 4 layer rainbow cakes at our house from here on out. When I find something that works I  NEVER let it go!.

Happy Early Birthday Sweet Girl


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3 responses to “In Which I Exceed My Own (Small) Expectations

  • Lillian

    As my cooking failures increase (drastically) your have diminished dramatically. This is a great cake, well looks good anyway. Glad to see you are able to use your artistic flare in your cooking too. Love,

  • Debby Bolton

    That’s great, Coralie. Looks like something I would have done for 2 little princesses, except CHOCOLATE cake with Grandma’s recipe for chocolate frosting was always our favorite–still is. One little inheritance I passed on to my babies: we like chocolate. Do you think it is genetic? So did my mother.

  • Carole

    wow ! I’m impressed..good for you. I had some success with my “cut – out” cakes, and stuck with them too if you remember

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