I Was Gone. If You Noticed

I took an intentional break from all internet except email over the past week. Jonathan had his Hebrew II final last Friday and as soon as it was over we hit the road for Canada. The purpose of the trip was two fold: a surprise birthday party for my mother’s 70th, and a trip to lake Erie as a birthday request for my big mackerdoodle. (FOUR years old! Where does the time go?) We also managed to wish my dad happy 65th, and my youngest niece a happy 5th birthday, and introduce the snickerdoodle to her Ontario cousins and Uncle Brian for the first time.

It was a super quick trip, with a lot on the agenda, and I made the decision before we left that I wasn’t going to spend it with a computer on my lap. I did spend a couple of hours one evening on a project for church, but other than that I spent every minute I could with my family.

When we got home Friday (more on that in its own post) there were almost 30 notifications on Facebook, 130+ blog posts in my Google reader, and I really didn’t care. I’m cherry picking the best blog posts (everything written by Jawan and Becky – Andrew lost a tooth, Becky got an iPad etc.) and will hit “mark all as read” on Design*Sponge and Neal Boortz.

Every time I take these breaks I am reminded that instead of using these things for communication and recreation, I am far too likely to be owned by them and when that happens I need to take another break.

I will, however, have to blog about some of the most interesting parts of our trip. That will come next week.