The Short Answer is Yes

I’m getting two questions these days. The first is “Was it a good trip?” The second is “Was your mom surprised?”

You see it was my mother’s 70th birthday at the beginning of August, and my sister and I planned her a surprise birthday. By that, I mean that I agreed it was a good idea, arranged for someone else to bring lemonade and designed a printable invitation, and my sister came up with the idea, did all the cooking, decorating, and planning.

Planning a surprise party from a distance is a bit of a challenge, but even with a few close calls, and a sudden change in location the night before the party (while we were on the road) it was a successful surprise. She arrived at her home oblivious to the gathered crowd of thirty or so folks who were hiding behind her garage until I yelled “Happy Birthday!”

She was shocked that there were thirty or so folks hiding behind her garage.

She was shocked that her grandchildren, son-in-law and daughter were in her backyard when she thought we were in our van somewhere in Michigan.

She was thrilled that her family and church family and neighbors had gathered to celebrate her three score and ten years on earth.

It was a fantastic way to kick off our five days in Canada, and such a delight to honor Mom in that way.


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One response to “The Short Answer is Yes

  • Carole

    I was very surprised….stunned really. Bill had been acting a little strange, but I thought he was a tad distracted about Coralie and her family coming.I never thought about a party…wonderful surprise

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