I Don’t Really Know What This Taught Me Exactly

My sister does a lot of things herself, so when I told her I liked her hair cut, and asked who did it, I wasn’t at all surprised when she said that she did. Standing in her kitchen, we chatted about how she cut her hair and our frustration with paying for haircuts, and all the while my brain was saying “You could totally do that!”

I’ve already posted about my hair issues  and I am just entering the “hair falling out” stage of post pregnancy. My hair is out of control on my head and everywhere in my house. My kids are regularly pulling it out of their food and that’s just horrible. It’s on the floor. It’s in the bath.

Last Sunday evening I was at the end of my rope. My hair was hot on my neck, and messy and falling out all over the place. It didn’t matter how I brushed it or didn’t or anything, it just looked messy and out of control. The snickerdoodle was the last member of the family to fall asleep that evening, and after tucking her into her crib for the evening I went to brush my teeth etc. before bed and caught sight of my hair on my pants and the floor and thought, “If Melissa can cut her own hair, surely I can just tidy mine up a little.”

I grabbed my hair scissors and started to trim the ends a little. It was uneven, so I trimmed a little more. Then a little more. Then I evened from the other direction. Then I tried a different approach. I went on working from different directions until I looked down at the counter and saw this:

My hair - not a small woodland creature.

Oh dear.

Two problems here: 1. Did I mention everyone in the house was asleep? This was going to come as quite a shock to my dear husband who prefers my hair a little longer.  2. It was still uneven but now the only way to make it even would be for someone else to make it SHORTER!

So I stopped.

The next morning, after Jonathan looked at me in confusion and asked if I can gone to quick clips in my pajamas, I trimmed up a few loose ends and decided to live with it.

Still uneven, but now it sort of looks like I did it on purpose.

So I don’t really know what I’ve learned here. I did manage to cut my hair, but it doesn’t resemble anything I set out to create. I guess time will tell.