Says She, Blearily

Last week Wil Wheaton tweeted “I am awake at Ouch-it-hurts-me-are-you-[*****]-serious-o’clock, after not nearly enough sleep. It’s going to be the longest day, ever.” followed by “I think the last time I was awake at 4 on a Saturday morning, it was the end of Friday night, and I was in my twenties.”

I laughed as I generally do at Wil Wheaton’s tweets – unless he ventures into politics, then I look away and feel sad for a moment – but this week I have had the chance to mull over these two thoughts, and have reached an interesting conclusion about my life. Other than, “Wow I’m a nerd.”

You see, for three nights in a row I have been awake from ouch-it-hurts-me o’clock to it’s-just-stopped-hurting-and-gone-numb:thirty with a congested child who cannot breathe, but needs to sleep, so I’ve propped their little bodies up on my big body and helped them drain their little sinuses until they can fall asleep again. Each time I have seen 4:something on my clock, I have heard the tweet in my head, “. . .it was the end of Friday night and I was in my twenties.”

Only, it doesn’t apply to me. I went to a small Christian college, then got married, then moved to a very small town in rural Georgia where my husband was a youth pastor. The only time I have seen 4 am I have been caring for children – first other people’s and now my own. In fact, I have seen 4 am more often in my four years of motherhood than I ever saw in my twenties, or really in the 34 years before I became a mama.

Who could have known that becoming a mother would introduce me to the night life? Who could have known that I would be in the back end of my thirties with three kids before I would develop the ability to rock and roll all night and still function every day? In short, I have realized that being a mama has made me cooler than Wil Wheaton.

Sort of.


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2 responses to “Says She, Blearily

  • Sarah

    I have seen four A.M. a LOT more than I’d like to admit, not because I have ever “partied” in my life, or even because of having to pull all-nighters for school (though that has happened plenty), but because of insomnia/various skewed sleep patterns. Sometimes I’ve thought, “Well, maybe it’s been good practice for motherhood?”

    But somehow, I just get this feeling motherhood will be WAY tougher than anything I’ve experienced in my teens or 20s!

    Anyway: ouch. Hope everyone is sleeping well soon.

  • melissa

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cooler. Then again, Wil Wheaton always kind of bugged me.

    And you never have.

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