Two Things Too Cute Not to Post

Cute thing #1

The mackerdoodle often makes up her own songs. Most of the time they have more words and meaning than the average pop song, but sometimes – especially when she’s tired – they are nonsense songs of non words. Last night  at bath time she was  singing such a song very loudly that my only choice was to either tell her to be quiet, or join in.

I chimed in to her tune with nonsense words of my own, and she burst out laughing.

“Mama!” she said, laughing so hard she could hardly get the words out, “that is NOT how that song goes!”


Cute Thing #2

One of our neighbor doodles was playing at our house this morning. He’s the same age as the cheesedoodle but has a lot more words, so many more words than any other child their age that I don’t even compare them. It’s nice. Anyway, it was fun having him around the house, and hearing him play. While he was with us I needed to change the cheesedoodle’s diaper and neighbordoodle wandered into the bathroom.

“Can you give cheesedoodle privacy while I change his diaper, neighbordoodle?” I asked.

He nodded and said, “OK” and ran down the hall to the living room. In a flash he was back with a toy pony.

“Here. This pivasee? Here cheesedoodle. Here pivasee.”


I really love my life right now.