Another First Day Post

All of the cool mommy bloggers have been doing their first day of school blogs all month. My doodles aren’t old enough for school, but fortunately for my cool points my husband is a seminary student and today was his first day of classes for the semester.

It’s been more than a year here in seminary world and Jonathan’s been in class pretty much the entire time. He started with summer Greek, took two regular semesters and wrapped things up by rocking summer Hebrew. Today he started his 2nd year, we think, but he may have started  it when he began Hebrew back in June, a couple of weeks after finals. It’s all a bit fuzzy, and the first day of school ends up being fuzzy too.

Regardless, it’s the beginning of the semester, and we’re looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. The mackerdoodle will be taking ballet this year (can you feel the giddy girlyness?) and Jonathan is co-leading a small group at church. I’m teaching Kindergarten Sunday school and the snickerdoodle will be starting solid foods in a couple of months. The poor cheesedoodle is along for the ride on new things. Maybe I need to work on that.

If you’re wondering, the status of Jonathan’s seminary education is this: 33 credits behind us, 70 to go in six more regular semesters, three more Jan terms and two summers.

Today is a first day in a series of first days.


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