Random Thoughts from a Scattered Mind

  1. Going past 48 hours lice free. Hooray, but not any where near out of the woods. New laundry policy: pillows go in the dryer for 45 minutes each morning, towels, pajamas and shirts are single use for the next month, all laundry is being done in hot water (making sorting much more important) all dress up clothes and stuffed animals and my comforter are in space bags until Canadian thanksgiving. I keep hearing these horror stories of families fighting infestations for up to a year.
  2. What finally worked for us (I’m pretty sure one of the treatments we used on the mackerdoodle’s head just made the lice laugh) was the Lice Freeeee! spray. After an hour on the mackerdoodle’s head, we were wiping dead bugs off the back of her neck and shirt (and then sealing the napkins in plastic bags). They were just dying and falling out of her hair. We’re using the shampoo as follow up for the whole family.
  3. Jonathan has a LOT of reading this semester and I committed to read Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion with him. The McNeill translation that I linked to is SO much easier to read than the Beveridge Translationwith which most people are familiar, but I’m already WAY behind and I can only blame part of that on lice. It’s a pretty big wake up call for a gal who was thinking of enrolling in a degree program myself this time last year.
  4. Jonathan’s professor for Calvin’s Institutes said, “People either love or hate Calvin, but most people on both sides have never read him.” Excellent point.
  5. I’m in a women’s bible study at church for the first time since we left Georgia. We’re studying The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis by Nancy Guthrie and here’s my favorite quote so far: “We don’t want to read little bits of scripture and take away an inspirational thought . . . We want to understand the big picture of what God has done and is doing in the world.” Love it!
  6. `The mackerdoodle did get to begin ballet on Wednesday thanks to #1 and #2 on this list.

    Look at all those little girls in pink



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5 responses to “Random Thoughts from a Scattered Mind

  • Sarah

    I admire your commitment. I’ve barely read a word of Calvin, and I REALLY need to. Actually, we’re supposed to read part of the Institutes section on the Church for my Reformation class next week. Excited to read it, less excited about the class discussion…Calvin isn’t that popular at SLU, to put it mildly.

    (And I’m planning to post something about my classes, just as soon as I have the focus…my brain pretty much goes to mush by 7p on school nights!)

  • Tera Montgomery

    Congratulations on being tentatively lice-free!!!!

    I like that quote about Calvin…for me it isn’t that I hate Calvin…because I haven’t read him and would need to if I wanted to try to hate him personally. What I strongly dislike (because it’s not nice to hate, right?) is that there are preachers that WORSHIP him and plenty of modern day theologians to the point where I want to hate Calvin, even though it is not his fault. I love what Jesus said and did and that is who I want to hear about. I could handle preachers saying “So I was reading an awesome book by this amazing Christian guy that I believe was completely led by God and he said…”

  • thebluehutch

    That one little girl’s white bow is HUGE. She’s adorable 🙂

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