It is Clear I Have Lied to You

In this meme I told you, my dear readers, that my favorite holiday was “New Year.  There are no obligations, no expectations, no decorations, no drama.  Love it.” and all of those feelings remain true statements about the New Year holiday. However, there is only one holiday that we like so much we celebrate it twice every year.

By twice, I do not mean that we have a “his family/her family” arrangement. We live too far from any family to make such a thing possible. By twice I do not mean a private family celebration and attend another group celebration. I mean that we celebrate this holiday and then 6 weeks later we celebrate it again. I cook a meal each time. We invite guests each time. Two celebrations. One holiday.


This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving – well technically it is Monday, but Jonathan has to work Monday night, so we’re celebrating on Saturday. My turkey is brining. I have sweet potatoes in the pantry and bread sitting out for stuffing. It’s round one of my favorite holiday.

Of course, if it was just about turkey and turkey accessories it would be lame. I can cook turkey any day of the week, and we should be thankful all the time; but the setting aside of two days in the year in which we purposely express thanks for the lavishness with which the Lord has blessed us is a good and honorable thing.

So Thanksgiving it is. Not New Year. Sorry for the misrepresentation.


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3 responses to “It is Clear I Have Lied to You

  • Betsy

    oh my we had the honor of being your guests last year and I still remember it… it was that good. and such a fun evening. hope this year’s celebrations are wonderful!

  • Lollie

    Hmmm, this gives me an idea;) We’ve only ever celebrated the Canadian one, but what’s stopping us from celebrating the American one too!!!

  • Peggy

    How sad(?) is it that the first place my brain went was still New Years. You know, Advent 1 and January 1. You know you’ve been playing Lectionary too long when…..

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