What Have I Gotten Myself Into – the ongoing saga

I blogged about how we agreed to host two boys from the Children of the World choir. That blog post included this sentence:

“I’m going to be housing and feeding six year old orphan boys from another continent! “

Um. No.

We were originally told to expect 6 to 8 year old boys. I assumed (yes. I know) that because of the housing volunteers we have the youngest children, we would have boys on the young end. I believed that right up until the group leader said, “We have an older group this year. All of the children are 10 to 12. Most of them are 11”. In my head I said, “Oh Crap.”

I’m fine with eleven year olds. I was one once. But I don’t have a house friendly for eleven year olds. I didn’t have time to prepare for eleven year olds. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH TWO ELEVEN YEAR OLD BOYS FROM ASIA?!?

Play soccer outside.

Feed them rice.

Watch Curious George 2 on Netflix.

It’s been fine.

We’re having some minor communication issues, but they are sweet boys who kindly kicked the ball to my older doodles and cooed at the snickerdoodle. They call me “aunty” and cleared their plates once they were finished eating (11 yr. olds eat more than 6 yr. olds.) and asked permission to take a shower.

When I asked them what they wanted for lunch they said, “An egg and rice. Please.” Jonathan, who was once an eleven year old boy himself asked, “One egg, or two?” They looked at each other before answering “Two.” I asked “Would you like a fruit, or vegetable?” They looked at each other again, and then said, “No. Thank you.”

Because they are sweet boys who asked politely and had two helpings of dinner, I have packed their lunch of rice and two boiled eggs. Because I am a mama, they are also getting an apple.


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4 responses to “What Have I Gotten Myself Into – the ongoing saga

  • Lisa H

    You made me grin. Thanks. It also reminds me of the laughter about communication and food questions during the fun summer our 13 year old Korean friend stayed with us.

  • thebluehutch

    I absolutely adore you. Seriously.

  • Carole

    Sounds as if you are doing fine,and it sounds as if THEY are too…I’m not surprised. How long is the ongoing saga to continue?

  • Melissa

    What fun! I’ll bet the kids are enjoying it, too. Remember how much fun it was when mom and dad had people from other countries/towns/cultures at our house? Have fun – enjoy those big boys (they must seem very big with your little ones around!).

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