Look Who Has a New Trick

I’ve been accused by a lot of people lately of not posting any pictures. All of those accusations are correct. We’re having layers of technical hurdles in the picture taking and posting side of things. Anyway, here are some for your viewing pleasure if you care of such things.

Sitting up at 6 months


my doodle collection

The flash didn’t go off (one of those technical issues I was mentioning) but you can still see their personalities shining through.

And now here are some catch up picture posts

4 months


5 months



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4 responses to “Look Who Has a New Trick

  • Carole

    what an “alive”little lady,nothing passive about her

  • Melissa

    Beautiful photos, beautiful kids! Thanks so much for posting! Littlest is looking more and more like big sister – and I love her smile!! I also think the two biggest are looking more and more like each other, though I have never thought they were alike until that photo – so cute!!

    Love you all lots!

  • Lollie

    Cute! Love your collection;)

  • Marianne

    Love those beautiful kids of yours!!!

    I keep thinking I should email you … and I’m SO lazy. Gah. I hope all is well with you and your lovely family!

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