A Picture of a Mystery

In the January term Jonathan took a class on Union with Christ. On Wednesday of the class (so day 3) he came home all excited about an idea for a painting that had come during a discussion about the Lord’s supper in class. “But I don’t know when I’ll have time to paint it,” he said.

Friday he came home beside himself because his final assignment for the class was to interact with the subject matter in any way he chose, “. . . a paper, a painting, a song . . .” was the suggestion of the professors. He could do the painting and call it homework!

Here’s what he came up with: (click on the image to make it larger)

So what does it all mean?

The bread and the wine are the Lord’s Supper, with the bible behind it, to show that the sacraments cannot be separated from the preached word. Four hands are reaching in to grasp the bread. The far left hand is made of a collage of images of Christians who have gone before. It represents the past church and is robed in white because they have entered their rest in Christ. The next hand contains images of Western/European nations in which the gospel has been established. The third hand contains images of Eastern/Southern nations in which the church is established. These two hands represent the current visible church and are clothed in purple showing that they are a royal priesthood. Finally, the last hand is a small, childlike hand because it represents the future church and is comprised of images representing the unreached people of the world. All of the hands are grasping the bread to show that the Church is partaking together in Christ across the entire span of time.

He handed it in today, so we’ll see what his professors think, but I think it’s really cool.


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