Sleep Texting

I have come a long way from not knowing how to text! While I do use my phone for making calls, I text as much, if not more, and it is the exclusive way in which Jonathan and I communicate while he’s at work. I also tweet via text message which is a great way to post a quick cute moment without getting distracted by the entire internet world at my finger tips.

Thursday night I was falling asleep waiting for Jonathan to come home from work, but didn’t want to go to bed because I had some yogurt in the crock pot yogurting. (That’s a technical term.) Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and sent Jonathan a text and I went to bed. At some point in the night I woke up to find Jonathan in the bed with me and asked him if he’d looked after the yogurt. He didn’t know what I was talking about, but graciously got out of the warm bed and put the yogurt in the fridge for me.

The next morning I discovered why he was so confused when I found this in my twitter feed:

I had two thoughts, after I laughed at myself. The first was that the twitterverse really let me down by not caring for my yogurt as I requested. The second was to be pleased I’m not given to texting intimate things to my husband. I might have ended up with my own version of Weinergate.


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