Just What We All Need. More Shopping Options.

I hate shopping, and with the age of my kids and my husband’s full schedule, I don’t have the chance to just go out and browse if I need something.  I find myself doing a lot of my shopping online these days. I have a few sites that I use regularly, but sometimes I’m looking for something specific and I really want to be able to just search all of the legitimate stores out there to know who has it and who doesn’t.

Well, Become.com does that.

Let’s say that you just purchased a home from me in Georgia and this otherwise excellent home could benefit from a portable air conditioner and a qmark muh072 heater in the two upstairs rooms. Or maybe all you really need is something as simple as a dark purple table cloth. You drop those terms into the Become.com search box and up pop 300 or so results from real places you’ve actually heard of, like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Crate and Barrel and Sportsman’s Guide. You can sort the results by price, look at specific brands, or search a price range. When you find the one you want, you click the link and you are taken directly to the store site; no fancy third party checkouts, no dicey fraud red flags.

I’m glad I’ve been introduced to become.com. It’s an online shopping tool I’ve been wanting for quite awhile.

This is a compensated post brought to you by become.com. The words and opinions are mine.  My proper disclosure is found here.


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