What God Hath Wrought

I could do a long, and probably fairly entertaining, post about everything that didn’t go as planned today. I could do a post about my dishwasher and what it is teaching me about my view of myself.  I could do an entire post about the strange things my mackerdoodle says while playing in the house.

However, today we bundled up and braved the cold wind to go outside and play. We walked down to a little play structure near our neighborhood and the snickerdoodle had her first go at a baby swing. The cheesedoodle is the perfect size for these particular swings, and despite a nasty cold he kept begging to be pushed higher. The mackerdoodle is too big for the harness style seats and that’s the only option on this particular set. She put her bottom into the swing and hung her legs over the side, perched like a stuffed animal in a gift basket.

There I was, running back and forth between three swings, keeping the snickerdoodle moving just enough to keep her entertained, but not enough to scare her, keeping the mackerdoodle swinging high enough to have fun, but not so high that her top heavy stance caused catapult action, and never really managing to keep the cheesedoodle as consistently high and fast as he would have preferred.

For just a moment I stood back, and watched all three of them – my full quiver of blessed gifts – and was amazed at what God did when we had come to a place that we couldn’t ask anymore. I was stunned that my days, which are so full of the every day monotony of snotty noses and “eat your dinner”, are the answer to the prayers of so many people. There, sitting in a row on a toddler swing set, was my own personal “more than I could ask or think.”

Too often I lose the wonder of it, but today I was reminded of all that the Lord has done for me. And I had to share.


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