A Matter of Perspective

Last year I posted about the issues we were having with the mackerdoodle’s birthday and school cut-off dates. The idea of Jr. Kindergarten was raised and discussed, but we were unclear as to the cut off date. After much back and forthing on it, we decided to apply for Jr. K. but to be completely OK with them telling us that the mackerdoodle didn’t meet the cutoff and would need to enroll in K4. That last bit (about being completely OK with it) being an admonition from my husband. So we did and were scheduled for an assessment this morning.

All week I kept telling myself not to be disappointed if they wouldn’t admit her into Jr. K. I talked to myself about how God has sovereignty over all things, including cutoff dates and birthdays and he has gone before us and appointed this. I also was reminded that her performance at the assessment was not a reflection on my and my parenting skills. I thought I was ready.

As I was called back after the assessment, I was immediately aware that the very friendly teacher was trying to be as sensitive and gentle as she could as she went through the results. She started with, “Well, she’s just barely at Jr. Kindergarten level.”

I smiled and nodded and thought, “Ok. This was the Lord preparing me for this. I’m not going to be disappointed. I’m not going to be taking it personally. If she’s barely at Jr. K. level, we’ll enroll her in K4.” Then she began talking to me about numbers and the mackerdoodle’s performance on certain tasks, and I realized at some point that I might have been making assumptions. I think she felt some hesitation on my part and said, hesitantly, “Shecould go into Kindergarten with these scores, but being at a 70, we think Jr. Kindergarten would be a better fit. . . ” and I realized that “barely at Jr. Kindergarten” had meant something different to her than to me. She meant barely in Jr. K, almost in full Kindergarten. I had heard barely in Jr. K, probably better doing K4.

The relief must have been radiating from me like a space heater, because the teacher’s countenance changed and when I said, “Oh. Jr. Kindergarten was our goal,” she visibly relaxed. She realized that my expectations fit my daughter’s abilities and I realized that my expectations met my daughter’s abilities and after that we had a lovely chat.

There are still a couple of ducks to fall into place to make it a reality, but it looks like our mackerdoodle will be in Junior Kindergarten next year and that it will be a good fit.


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4 responses to “A Matter of Perspective

  • Sarah W.

    So is Jr. Kindergarten basically like Kindergarten for slightly younger kids, and after that she won’t have to do regular Kindergarten? Just trying to keep all the terms straight. 🙂

  • suzanne

    Yay! I’m glad it went so well 🙂

  • Marlice House

    She was ready for Jr. K when she was in wee three’s (I know this because she said to me that in the paper towel dispenser downstairs wasn’t magic it was in fact “auto…auto… AUTOMATIC”, then trotted politely back to the classroom). As soon as I read the part when the assessor said just barely Jr. K I thought to myself… Well that’s because she is ready for Kindergarten. Then, as I read on I learned I was correct. I told you this before but you have yet to believe me, the Cowan household is breeding geniuses. 🙂 I’m glad you know now, because the Cheesedoodle will be ready for Jr. K within the next few months 🙂
    ❤ Miss Marlice

  • Carole Bristow

    we knew she was very bright…good that they realised it too….yes I am biased,

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