Stephen Estock on Discipline

Stephen is our Pastor of Other Assorted Duties as Required. (I don’t think that’s his actual title, but that’s sort of how I see him.) One of his assorted duties had him teaching the large group time of ladies’ bible study for the last nine weeks, and I have really loved it. This week, in wrapping up 2 Corinthians 7 he said this:

“Let’s talk about church discipline, because it’s really misunderstood. When you hear the word preached, and the Holy Spirit uses that to identify sin in your life, that is discipline. When it happens in church, that’s church discipline.”

That statement combined with this blog post about anger, has changed my entire week. That’s why I have been thinking instead of blogging.


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2 responses to “Stephen Estock on Discipline

  • suzanne

    There were several times today (and yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that….) that I wish I’d already read that Femina blog post. I think I will read it every morning until I have it memorized. Obviously, reading that is not nearly so important as asking the LORD to soften my heart toward my children and help me parent them well, so I’ll do that, too 🙂

  • kitty

    I read the Femina blog post a couple days ago. I need to read it a few more times, but my initial reaction is aggravation…which is why I need to take my time with it. Most of the 50+ comments she received were “amens”, but I’m not feeling it.

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