Light and Momentary

It seems to me that for the last for each of the last four or five months we have had some sort of infirmity in our home. We had the cruds in December,  the flu in January, the cruds in February, and now it would seem the youngest two have pink eye. More correctly defined, they have green gunk leaking out of their eyes and caking on their eye lashes. The snickerdoodle also has a fever and a  severe case of the clingy cranks. The earliest doctor’s appointment we could get was 1:45 this afternoon, so I have had to cancel a play date I have been really excited about.

I am frustrated.

I am sick of sickness and tired of exhaustion (the least little thing causes the snickerdoodle to not sleep at night). I hate that after doing extra laundry, and extra disinfecting I still end up behind on my housework. As an extrovert, quarantine further exhausts me and makes it even harder to do the tasks needed to stay on top of my housekeeping. Staying at home, alone, away from the contact of other adults, makes everything seem so much heavier.

However, I know that these truly are light momentary afflictions. The part of me that knows the gospel preaches hope to the part of me that is tired and weighed down. The grace of God reaches down into my selfish heart that wants to make this all about me, and calls me to “look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18.

So I will publish this and get off my behind and leave behind my pity party and go on with the extra laundry (a cloth, having once touched a green mucousy eye must be washed before it can contaminate anything else) and thank the Lord for the lightness of my affliction, for the generous provision in our lives and for the blessing of knowing that this, too, shall pass.


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3 responses to “Light and Momentary

  • melissa

    Oh, sad! I hate the flu and the cruds!

    I have an idea… lets call this one the green-muppets-in-your-eyes-that-dance-around-happily-making-us-want-to-stay-inside-and-snuggle bug, then it won’t seem so depressing (Insert happy smiley face here. And butterflies. And electronic baby giggles.)!

    Yeah. My glass is never half-full either.

  • thebluehutch

    You know, I can give you a sure fire 3 step process to take care of the sleeping issue 😉

  • april barber

    So very sorry friend. We have been sick too once or twice a month since October. I always used to see other families go through stuff like this and wonder how they made it. I’m thankful His grace is sufficient everyday we endure this road, but I have to preach that to myself all day everyday. Praying that for you too, friend.

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