My doodles are all in a fun stage, so I thought I would share an update and a few stories.

Those are his Iron Man jets propelling his flight.

The cheesedoodle is still struggling with words, but there is a noticeable improvement in his vocabulary. He knows all of his colors (red is too hard to say, so he says “rojo”) and is learning his letters. He calls his sisters “MoMo” and “BaBa.” While the mackerdoodle has been around long enough that Jonathan and I haven’t added “MoMo” to our every day speech, the snickerdoodle has become “BaBa” to the entire family. The cheesedoodle is convinced that he will be Iron Man when he grows up, and because of this belief he prefers to wear “rojo” when possible, as well as adorning his wrists with empty toilet paper rolls.

One evening at dinner, Jonathan asked the children, “What will it be like when all three of you are talking?” The cheesedoodle began to laugh in this hilarious, old man, condescending laugh, and just shook his head and said, “No. No.” Apparently he understands that having two sisters will always put a cramp in his communication. But it’s ok, because he’ll be Iron Man.

When did she get this big?

The mackerdoodle alternates between being four and fourteen. I suspect this will continue until she is in her late 20s – or at least it did with me. She loves to cook and I have to make the time to let her help. We have some great conversations in the kitchen, and I know that if we can start talking over meal preparation now, we’ll be able to keep doing that when she’s alternating between 16 , 10 and 40.

On Tuesdays we have a regular dinner date with another seminary family whose daddy works Tuesday evenings. We alternate between homes, and one of the days they were at our place I planned a build your own pizza meal. The mackerdoodle and cheesedoodle were very excited about making their own pizza, but their doodlebuddy was far more interested in playing in our toy room. Mac n Cheese made pizzas for themselves and for the other two boys, and as I put the pizza in the oven, the mackerdoodle disappeared into the toy room saying, “Now it’s time to make the caramel for dessert! Come on! It’s time to make the caramel sauce!” Her doodle buddy was unenthusiastic and remained in the toy room driving our trucks in peace. The mackerdoodle came around the corner, looked at me and said, “I cannot BELIEVE he does not like to cook!” I wonder if I’ll hear that about some poor teenage boy in about 12 years.

She LOVES her baby doll.

The snickerdoodle is her own little being. She looks remarkably like her older sister, and yet has such a distinctly different personality. In fact, as much as my mackerdoodle reminds many in my family of me, the snickerdoodle reminds me of the stories of my younger sister. Two things about my snickerdoodle match the family lore about Melissa. The first is her tendency to bite me. I can be heard multiple times each day saying, “NO. NO TEETH!” Her answer, most frequently, is a giggle and another attempt.

The second, more flattering to all, is that every time she hugs anyone – including her baby doll – she pats us on the back three times. My parents used to joke that they should have named Melissa “Patty”and I’ve caught myself calling the snickerdoodle exactly that as she pats my back. I usually have to follow that up with “NO TEETH!”

She LOVES her baby doll and two days ago I found her sitting on the floor with a cracker that her brother had liberated from the counter for her. She had 2/3 of it in her mouth, and was putting 1/3 into the baby dolls mouth. She looked up at me and grinned hugely. Then she patted the baby lovingly on its head and bit it.

So there you are. A bit of a doodle moment for y’all.

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2 responses to “Doodlelicious

  • melissa

    We all loved this. I couldn’t stop looking at these beautiful pictures and my kids think yours are so cute and getting so big. Our love fest over it all ended with a few sighs and declarations of how long it has been…

    We love you, and in case my biting has kept you (or any of your readers) away – I haven’t done that it a while. I think I have recovered.

    And I was NEVER as cute as that little girl…

  • Carole Bristow

    you were you know…bald, but JUST as cute

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