Spring Break – Where Everyone Got Something and Some Got More

Last Spring Break was a non event. I was the size of a water buffalo and the shape of Jabba the Hut (Direct quote from a blog post of the era) and having random but unproductive contractions. Jonathan was working crazy hours preparing for the Grand Opening of his new Chick-Fil-A location and trying to get school work caught up in his “spare” time. It wasn’t even really that springy.

This year, however, was a completely different experience. We packed FUN, ADVENTURE, and WARMTH into every minute.

MONDAY: While I took the snickerdoodle to her PT appointment, our great friend Elizabeth came and took the Mac’n’cheese duet out “for something fun.” That something fun was City Museum. If you are a single woman wanting to know how to bless a mother of preschool/elementary children, the answer is: invest in her children. This was a blessing to the entire family!

Click on Elizabeth’s name to see more pictures and read her thoughts.

TUESDAY: We took a set of twins the same age as the mackerdoodle with us to the Zoo. If children came 4 years old and potty trained, I could have five of them.

WEDNESDAY: Jonathan took all of the children to Home Depot to buy vegetables for this year’s garden. After passing the lighting section, and asking if they could look at the lights, the mackerdoodle then asked if there were doors. They explored the door section, then the windows, then the bathroom section – including testing the shower stalls and discussing the merits of pedestal sinks versus installed basin sinks. Eventually Jonathan managed to corral them back to the garden center, purchase plants and seed, and come home. The renovation force runs strong in this family.

After the doodles were in bed, Jonathan and our friend Jeremy went out for authentic British fish and chips down in the loop and talked theology and the racial biases in the real estate market in St. Louis (because of this) and church leadership development.

How could I not take this picture? (at the zoo, Tuesday)

THURSDAY: I went to a matinee of the Hunger Games with Becky, Jeremy’s wife. After the depth of the men’s conversation the night before I felt a little shallow – until the lights dimmed and the movie started. I was pleasantly surprised at how faithful it was to the book. My only significant disappointments were Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, and the fact that Peeta didn’t say, “Come to finish me off, Sweetheart?”

FRIDAY: We drove up to a part of St. Louis called the Hill, famous for Italian food and Espresso. Otherwise known as Jonathan’s idea of paradise. We did not indulge in pasta at 9 am. We stopped by Shaw’s Coffee to say hello to one of neighbors who works as a Barrista there. It was a fun morning explore.

We wrapped up our Springbreakpalooza with dinner with neighbors at our place and then finished off Season 6 of Dr. Who on Netflix. (I love Rory!)




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