And Now For Something a Little Different

This blog first got started as an informational communications hub. Over the last few years, however, there has been a bit of a tug in direction. Is this a place where I develop some of my freelance writing skills, or is it a place where my far flung family and friends can read about the day to day of our lives? The answer has been yes and the tension has left me feeling not quite settled, regardless the subject of my posts. This weekend the thought popped into my head, “It’s like I’m trying to write two different blogs.”


So. Beginning immediately, if you are asking yourself I Wonder What The Cowans Are Up To? You can go to and you’ll find What the Cowans Are Up To. It’s my new personal, picturey, newsy, “look I have cute kids and a smart husband” blog.

This will be where I write things I think are worth reading. (more like this one.)

That will be where I write the news you want to know. (more like this one.)

Clear? I Hope so.

Please let me know if you need help, or have questions, or just want to make sure I know what you want to read. Thanks for understanding.


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After 11 years of infertility, I am now a mother to three, a wife of a Presbyterian (ARP) preacher and a struggling homemaker. Welcome to my little corner of the net. Kick off your shoes, put your feet up and join the conversation. View all posts by Coralie

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