The Pressure to Perform

Now that I have defined this space as where I will write things I think you will want to read, I am staring at the URL with dread. I have more than 10 drafts started, in varying stages of thought and completion, taunting – daring me even – to publish something. Yesterday was an unusually busy day for me, and I composed many a post in my head while driving, but when I got home and sat down in front of the computer I couldn’t complete a thought.

I have recently taken the opportunity to read what writers say about their writing process. They experience the ebb and flow,the times of so many words they can barely keep up and the times in which a shopping list becomes a writing feat of insurmountable odds. The difference, as far as I can tell, between writers and wannabes, is that writers just keep writing. They might change topics, or move to tweeting for a little while. They may just write about struggling to write, but they write something. They press through the performance anxiety and put something down.

So I’m facing you and saying here are my words. Sometimes they will be worth reading and sometimes I’m just writing to keep writing.


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