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This morning, Jonathan rode to the rescue of a coworker with a dead car battery and he took the two older doodles (in their pajamas. They thought it was quite the adventure) with him. For 45 minutes, I was at home, alone, with just the snickerdoodle. I got so much done! While I was doing my Monday morning chores, and chatting to the snickerdoodle about each task, I suddenly had a memory of the days when the mackerdoodle was this small. I was so overwhelmed not only with being a first time mama, but also learning to be a home maker. I spent so much of my time thinking that if I could just figure out the right way to accomplish these tasks I would suddenly find they weren’t so hard after all.

All of those thoughts and emotions came back to me today as I was scrubbing my stove – my weekly Monday morning task. I still hate scrubbing my stove. I don’t enjoy cleaning any more with five years more experience than I did back then. I have learned, however, that it isn’t about learning the “right” way to do things. There are fifteen ways to achieve most housekeeping tasks, and each is as good as the other. Most days I go to sleep feeling like I’m moving backwards in my skills as a home maker, but today, with only one baby to entertain, I realized that I breezed through my tasks with an ease not felt in years. I haven’t tapped into some mystical set of Highly Successful Housekeeping techniques. Instead, I have just done it, and this morning I was able to see that just doing housework with one child, is easier now that I have had to just do it with three.

It is encouraging to have the rare opportunity to look back and see a pattern of improvement. It encouraged me to just do a little more than my list because it is in the doing that I learn and grow and gain the ability to manage this family the Lord has entrusted to me. I was also encouraged that I will not always have this sense of backward motion. I will not always be adding to my family size. I will not always be living in the fog of infant sleep deprivation. There will be a day when just doing what needs to be done, while maybe not more enjoyable, will be less of a seemingly insurmountable task. One day, I will be able to finish a to do list without being interrupted by some child’s bowels.

It was a needed glimpse of encouragement on a day when I needed a longer view.


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