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Contribution by Prince Raymond

I have been a nurse for seven years. I take care of patients in a children’s hospital, and I think that it is very important that they stay entertained while they are in the hospital. We have a few video game systems that are available for the kids, but they have to share them and there are not enough systems for each patient. Kids usually end up lying in bed watching TV for the majority of their admission. I am glad that the hospital decided to get satellite TV from because now there are so many channels for the kids to choose from. I always think it is funny how many kids end up watching Animal Planet most of the day. They are really entertained by animal shows. I guess they get bored watching cartoons. Some of the parents try to limit the amount of TV their kids watch while they are in the hospital, but it is difficult to do that when their kids are sick in bed. I always tell them not to worry about it and to let them enjoy all of the channels we have.

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