One of Those Unexpected Joys

I have a tendency to excess. This is most obvious when planning celebrations. I tend to want to throw huge celebrations with fifty friends and a full buffet. And maybe a band.

This is not my husband’s preferred mode of celebration. A while ago we made the decision to keep my celebratory excesses in check by keeping things like birthdays to quiet family affairs. The problem with a quiet family celebration when there are only two members of a family is that it doesn’t really look that much different from any given Thursday.

Today was Jonathan’s birthday and on our way home from bible study to our family birthday meal, the mackerdoodle asked me “aren’t we going to decorate the entire house, for Daddy’s birthday?” So we came home and put up the traditional family birthday banner,  strung some streamers and invited Kevin to stay for lunch, and suddenly we had a party of six.

There are a great many delights in motherhood. Some expected – like the feeling of a soft hand tucked into mine, or the quiet joy of bedtime hugs – and some completely unexpected. Today was an unexpected joy in discovering that paper streamers and a home made banner with a gleeful preschooler makes a party that I wouldn’t have traded for a white tent and sparkle lights.



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