Because It’s a Frequently Asked Question . . .

The lunch with the missionaries went swimmingly. We had the table in the living room and the living room chairs in the kitchen and the dishwasher pushed against the pantry door, so good thing no one needed rice or cooking oil, and in all of that, it was a comfortable, pretty relaxed, very informative afternoon.There were 18 people in 800 square feet, and at no point did I need a traffic whistle for the bathroom, nor did I have to climb under or over furniture to reach a required destination. The children behaved well. The food was plentiful and delicious (I didn’t cook it) and the fellowship was warm.

When everyone went home, Jonathan said, “That went very well.” He then looked at me nodding in agreement and added, “Which does not mean we could have double that many people the next time.”

He knows me too well.

We got to know the Chinchens who work with African Bible College in Malawi, Africa. I was so excited to hear about the ministry as they began to share with the group, but what really thrilled me was to hear that because of the education at ABC’s three campuses, many mission and para church organizations in Africa that had for generations been headed by Westerners are now being run by godly African men. So if you get a chance to meet with anyone associated with the African Bible Colleges, on any of their three African campuses, please do. You will be so excited to hear about the growth of the kingdom of God!

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  • Sharon

    what a small world. i taught at an orphanage in Malawi and had thanksgiving with the chinchens and the other teachers. crazy! that was over 10 years ago!

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