Living a Translucent Life

Today at lunch I was discussing a blog with Jonathan that both he and I read. In that discussing I said that I wanted to be more transparent in my blogging than this particular blogger. Jonathan’s response surprised me. He said that he didn’t want me to be transparent. He wants me to be translucent.

There are two problems with being transparent.

First, a transparent object allows light to pass directly through it. It doesn’t reflect or diffuse light in any way. We, on the other hand, aren’t supposed to let attention pass through us, we are supposed to be always directing people – diffusing their attention, if you’ll let me strain this metaphor a little more – to the glory of our Heavenly Father.  Secondly, a transparent object allows anything contained within it to be clearly seen. This isn’t how God intends us to live our lives. We shouldn’t broadcast the secret parts of ourselves in the name of “being real.” There is no mutual edification in allowing our plumbing – both literally and figuratively – to be displayed for all to see. Transparency is a life that allows attention to pass through it, focusing on its actions. The end result is either celebration of or repulsion from the life in question, both of which serve as a distraction away from the ultimate goal of glorifying GOD and enjoying HIM forever.

Instead, Jonathan challenged me to be translucent. Enough light should pass through this blog to show you the day to day movement of our life and our comings and goings, but in the end it should always be filtered through grace and diffused back to the glory of the Lord. It’s not just the blog that we want to live this way. We want this to define our life now, and the future ministry to which the Lord will call us after seminary. We want to live translucently.


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