Sometimes It’s Not About Personality

I am an extrovert and Jonathan is an introvert. In short form, that means if I get energized from being with people and Jonathan gets energized from being alone. It’s pretty simple. It’s not a right or a wrong, it’s just who we are.  When I’m having a bad day what I REALLY want is to be with people – preferably a lot of people I know.  When Jonathan is having a bad day he wants to lie on the couch and watch TV and pretend the entire world has disappeared. We’ve learned over the years how to deal with the differences in our personalities and now we just laugh about it most of the time.

This weekend Jonathan’s parents graciously gifted us one of their timeshare weeks for later this summer. The second I heard about the gift I began to wonder who we could invite to join us on this little get away. I was thinking sleeping arrangements and cooking arrangements and I started talking to Jonathan about my (many and varied) ideas. He was reticent about the ideas, and in my head I chuckled at my extroversion and his introversion. “He’ll come around.” I thought.

He went to work, the children played, we had our afternoon and then dinner and at some point the mackerdoodle mentioned the hotel Grandma and Grandpa were going to let us visit in August. “For my birthday!” she said. She asked some questions and so did the cheesedoodle (because he can do that now) and as I listened to them prattle as children do I realized that this time it wasn’t about me being an extrovert.

This time it was about me sinning against my family. The children have never been on a family vacation. We have traveled to see family and friends, but we have never been together, as just our family unit, on a vacation. I was making plans to continue that streak when it was unnecessary. This wasn’t about me being energized by people, this was about me acting as if my family wasn’t enough for me. I was about to send the message to my children that we couldn’t have fun unless someone else came along.

Sometimes it’s not right or wrong, it’s just personality. Today wasn’t one of those times.


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