Competely Irredeemable

Our culture likes to tout the idea that everything can be saved given enough patience, hard work, and money -preferably through public and private grants. This is not actually true. There are some things that we cannot redeem, no matter how we would like to.

Yesterday the snickerdoodle did what babies do, and being her mother I had to change her. I lay her on our bathroom counter, that also doubles as a changing table, and reached for the new bag of wipes. She reached for whatever happened to be closest to her exploring hands – in this case it was my toothbrush. As I tore the seal from the bag of wipes, she plunged my toothbrush directly into the center of her diaper deposit.

Completely and utterly irredeemable.

That’s it. Just a really gross story about my toothbrush and some poop.

You’re welcome.


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