Please Leave Me In a Haze

The high today is 105 (41) with a heat index of 107 and the low tonight is going to be 82(28). That means the lowest temperature tonight will be warmer than the high in the town where I grew up. I really enjoy heat – far more than I enjoy cold – but by enjoy I mean that in the way cats or lizards enjoy heat. What I really want to do is curl up outside (in the shade for temperatures over 90, in the sun for temperatures in the mid 80’s to 90’s) with a book and laze away the hazy days of summer. I want to consume nothing but beverages poured over crushed ice until about 9 pm when I would eat grilled red meat with fresh vegetables, after which I would take a lazy swim in a nearby pool (night time summer swimming is the best!) and then climb into bed.

That is, of course, not real life. My dishes and clothes still get dirty. The children still need meals and baths and regular bedtimes. Yesterday as I was watching the children splash around in a neighbor’s wading pool, I felt what I thought was a bug climbing down my back. Turns out it was actually sweat. Just at that moment someone made a remark about being so hot they were ready for winter.

Now I may not live near a night lit kidney shaped pool, or have the freedom to live the entire summer like a beach vacation, but the very thought of being ready for winter made my liver shiver.

I might be wandering through summer in a heat haze, but it’s a happy haze. Please, let me enjoy it for as long as possible. Winter will come soon enough.


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5 responses to “Please Leave Me In a Haze

  • Lillian

    I really think you need to move to the tropics. We never get it that hot but 36C plus 80%+ humidity get a little hard to take now and then. Never having winter is always a plus though.

  • 3littlemen

    I love to read your writing! It makes me smile!

  • Sarah W.

    For me, 80 is pretty much the upper limit of what I can tolerate comfortably, and I don’t like living places that don’t get a respectable blizzard now and then. As long as I have sweaters and blankets, I am pretty content with the cold. Ooh, especially if it’s grey and raining outside. Perfection.

    Yet another way in which we are different. 🙂

    • Coralie

      I believe the Lord may be calling you to a place called Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, although it doesn’t get the gray rainy days very often. Or maybe Regent seminary in Vancouver, although Vancouver doesn’t get any blizzards. I’ve lived in both places. we could skype or something. 🙂

  • Mary Beth

    Wow! No wonder you loved Georgia 🙂 You have the perfect attitude for a southerner.

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