Just the Tip of the Iceberg

When I learned the cheesedoodle was a boy I began to be flooded with comments like “You’ll never fill him up. He’ll be hungry all the time.” In the three short years of his life these comments have continued. One of my neighbor’s mothers advised me (and Suzanne, who has 4 boys, and is considering a food savings plan, instead of a college savings plan for their teen years) that boys will sit down to eat a complete meal, decimated it until there is nothing left but burps, and then, forty minutes later, want a mixing bowl of cereal as a snack. “Don’t take it personally. It isn’t a reflection on the meal,” she encouraged us.

This doesn’t come as such a shock to me in theory. I married Jonathan when he was 21. I have very clear memories of thirty minutes after a full turkey dinner with his brother and sister-in-law – before Pam and I had even managed to get all the food wrapped up and put away – Jonathan and his brother Tim both looking up from a game of monopoly and asking, “Do you have anything to eat?” I also remember the day (when we had been married two full years) that Jonathan discovered what it felt like to be full. I understood the theory.

I wasn’t really prepared for the reality of my three year old boy waking up every morning and greeting me with, “Me hungry. What me has?” And then at 10 am, “Me hungry. What me has?” And then at lunch, at 1:30, at 3:00, at dinner and finally, right before bed, “But me hungry more! What me has?”

How can he be THAT hungry? How can it be THAT impossible to fill him up? I mean, he’s only three!

Re-watching the movie Thor recently, I caught this line. “This mortal form has grown weak. I need sustenance!”

The mackerdoodle asked me, “What does that mean, Mama?”

With a glance to my son, I answered, “It’s just Thor’s way of saying, “Me hungry. What me has?”

“Yeah.” said the Cheesedoodle, nonchalantly, instantly bonding with this Asgardian superbeing over their mutual insatiable appetites.

That was when I realized that this is just the tip of the hunger iceberg. I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was.


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2 responses to “Just the Tip of the Iceberg

  • april barber

    Hilarious! Although I am already feeling my boy’s hunger pains and he is only 3 months old!!!!!!!!!!! For crying out loud, my boy already LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to eat. Sheesh. I’m in trouble. I need to get a job!

  • Carole Bristow

    Being an only child,,and attending a girls only school ALL of my life, I had never had anything to do with boys, and then I got married.!!!!!
    My husband wouid come into the kitchen,when I had just finished doing the dishes, and ask what I had for him to eat……drove me mad..
    I just didn’t understand at that time [unfortunately now I understand too well}

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