The New Normal

For the past two years I have put together our family’s schedule much like one puts together a puzzle, by first placing the edge pieces of Jonathan’s class and work schedule, and fitting everything else around it. This semester, however, it’s a whole new puzzle and the firm edge pieces are a little trickier. The mackerdoodle has school, I have 2 jobs, and Jonathan has a class schedule plus church meetings. Add the fact that we are a single car family and the puzzle is feeling a little more like a 1000 piece 3d than the flat 50 piece beginner I was doing this time last year.

That being said, when it all comes together, the picture is a far more appealing one. We have more family time, Jonathan has more studying time and gets to grow his beard back (!), the mackerdoodle LOVES school and I love my jobs.  When I’m at work, Jonathan is at home, so I can go to school, get paid to help 5 year olds glue paper and come home to a freshly mopped floor, or a scrubbed bathroom (true story). We’re working out the details of who does what, when, but the ability to even have those discussions is a blessing I didn’t think we would see during seminary.

So normal is redefined once again, but our new normal is feeling a whole lot better than the old one.


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3 responses to “The New Normal

  • thebluehutch

    I still need to get that new schedule in writing 🙂

  • melissa

    New normals are a fun way of making life more interesting. And crazy. And hair-pulling. And interesting.

    Glad yours is going so well.

  • suzanne

    We are definitely experiencing the same thing. I’m so thankful that Jimmy’s work schedule is flexible. Last week we experimented with a week of four long workdays and him being home on Friday. By Thursday afternoon I was wondering if it was worth it (7:20 to 4 or 5 most days and then teaching T/W/Th evenings)…..but we both decided the three-day weekend was a good thing!

    I’m glad you’re finding a stride that is more appealing!

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