An Only in Seminary Moment

One of the key ways we communicate within the seminary community is through Google e-mail groups. Send an e-mail to the group and it immediately lands in the inbox of 486 of my closest friends. The e-mails I get from these groups fall into four distinct categories:

  1. Buying/Selling/Giving away. This is most common as the semester draws to an end and graduates realize that everything they sell or give away here is something they do not have to load onto a truck.
  2. Seeking Favors/Services. ie: “Can anyone babysit?” or “Can I catch a ride with anyone to . . .” or “Is anyone out there training to be a Doula?”
  3. Random requests. This are by far the most entertaining. They range from the pretty normal: “Hey, I left my ear buds at home. Anyone have some I could borrow for 45 minutes?” to the bizarre: “Feel the need to brush my teeth. Anyone have a toothbrush? I’ll sterilize it when I’m done.”
  4. Shared Knowledge: We are all relatively new to the city and on a tight to extremely tight budget. Several times a week someone is seeking help from the community to do that well. ie: “Does anyone know where to find . . . ” a cheap, reliable mechanic . . . a cheap, reliable doctor . . . cheap auto insurance, health insurance, renter’s insurance or Life Insurance . . .

In the non-seminary world, this is generally considered Spam, but for this brief season of life it is a chart to help navigate the every shifting sands of seminary life.


This is a compensated post brought to you by – Cheap and Affordable Life Insurance.  My proper disclosure is found here.

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