Today was my big debut.

The biggest responsibility of my new job is coordinating the childcare for our church’s women’s bible study. In my past church experiences this has essentially amounted to two volunteers and ten kids ranging from birth through 4, and let me just say right here and now, that is a daunting task and not for the faint of heart. However, that is not my job here in  Saint Louis.

Instead I have almost 40 children, 8 paid workers, and a fantastic curriculum designed to complement and coordinate with the study the women are doing in their time. I have been spending weeks seeking out age appropriate crafts and activities to reinforce and explore the lesson. I designed name tags and room signs and assigned workers I barely knew (and my friend Becky) to specific rooms and ages. I discovered that Jewish homeschool blogs are a great resource when looking for craft ideas to celebrate the life of Moses. I have essentially been spending almost a month preparing for this day. It had the potential to be absolutely fantastic or completely, unrecoverably, “this isn’t working out”, failure. I couldn’t really see an in between.

So. today came, and it happened, and we had children come and stay and then go home again. When they left, they knew that God had preserved Moses’ infant life with a basket in a river and a well placed Princess. They did their things and we did our things and people said nice things to me.

What I am left with, however, is an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

I am so grateful for an amazing staff, who took the ideas that came out of my fevered mind, and Pinterest, and not only ran with them, but did so with excellence and a gracious spirit. I am so grateful that my cheesedoodle never once thought, “Bummer. I have to go to work with mama.” I am so grateful that the inevitable glitches of a first day of anything were small, and made smaller by the people with whom I was working.

Mostly, however, I am grateful that I stand here, looking not into the unknown wonder of potential, but into the tangible reality of a year stretching ahead of me, and I am so excited. This job is so completely unlike anything I have ever done and it has more, and different, responsibilities than I have ever held and I am more thankful to the Lord for providing it than I was when we did the math and realized Jonathan could leave Chick-fil-a.

In other words, today I learned  that the Lord has not just provided us with a source of income, he has made it a sweet provision and for that, more than anything else, I am Thankful.


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