The Fear Has Come to Pass . . . and it isn’t all that bad, really.

Way, way, way back in time – November 7, 2008 – I blogged about my fears of becoming a mini-van Mom and all that I feared it would entail. Some of you assured me that these things would never come to pass, but I am here to tell you that most of them have. I am now in the world of dropping a child off at school, driving through the pick-up line to pick her up, taking her to ballet on Mondays, taking the cheesedoodle to speech therapy on Fridays and arranging play dates around school pick up schedules. As I sat in the pick-up line on Friday, having obediently clipped my sign to my window to identify which child I was there to collect, I thought, “and it has begun. The next activity we’ll be adding will be soccer.”

You know what? I’m okay with it.

The cheesdoodle loves soccer and shows an aptitude for it. I will become a soccer mom, and it will be a pleasure, just like it is a delight to take the mackerdoodle to ballet on Mondays. Back in the dark ages of 2008 ( 🙂 ) when I was dreading these moments, I had no way of knowing that driving a child to ballet or soccer would bring the same emotional reward as rocking them to sleep when they are infants, or watching them take their first steps. I had not thought through the fact that investing in these tiny humans wouldn’t cease, it would just change form. Packing a lunch or nursing a baby is about the same thing. Wearing them in a wrap or driving them to school is about the same thing.

I used to think that life was a continually moving target, but now I think most of that is just scenery. The real details of life, especially for those of us who are called to the glory of God, keep pretty much the same while the backdrop changes. Parenting seems to be the same. The seasons come and go, but the primary goal of the care and nurture of our children remains the same. We can do it in a mini-van or a Prius (I think. Can you fit a car seat into one of those things?) or a covered wagon or riding a yak. It could be soccer, or ballet, or a first hunt on the savannah. The goal is to prepare my children to live life in a manner pleasing to our God, and sometimes the Lord gives us a mini-van to help us in that task.


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