Happy Thanksgiving, Eh?

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I thought it would be fun to bring a Canadian Thanksgiving snack to the mackerdoodle’s class, because that’s what cool mama’s do.

Only I’m not a cool mama, so on Saturday I sent this plea to my friend Becky under the subject line: “Help me Becky Kicklighter, you are my only hope.”

Monday is Canadian thanksgiving, so I am bringing a Canadian thanksgiving snack to mackerdoodle’s class.

What on earth was I thinking?

I bought Maple leaf cookies at Aldi (because it’s CANADIAN thanksgiving) but can you think of something to put with them or do to them to make them Thanksgivingy? Basically, how can I make this look like a theme snack, and not “oh look. mackerdoodle’s mama opened a box?”

Something that does not involve me piping icing faces would be great. Everything on pinterest has icing Turkey faces and mine would look like a preschooler pooped a crayon line.

Becky did not let me down! Look at the brilliant idea she came up with, and I executed:

Giving Thanks, eh?

It’s a paper CD sleeve that the older doodles colored with red stripes to look like the Canadian flag. I printed the “Giving Thanks, Eh?” on clear labels and stuck them on, then we tucked the cookie inside, and it stayed put, in the middle, just like an edible Canadian flag.

So happy Canadian Thanksgiving, my readers. Take a moment today to thank the Lord. I know I will.


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5 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving, Eh?

  • Mary Beth

    Awesome! I love it!! Good job Coralie AND Becky. I wish I was that creative.

  • melissa

    That’s awesome!
    Happy thanksgiving to you, too, eh. You hoser.

  • Lillian

    Some people as SO lucky. They get two thanksgiving celebrations/feasts. Some of us don’t get any. Of for some turkey and pumpkin pies.
    Love you.

  • carole bristow

    very quiet day beginning with a “sleep in”
    Happy thoughts of spending thanksgiving with the Murray clan yesterday
    generous of them eh?

  • melissa

    Aunty Lily:
    If you come over, I’lll make you a turkey and pumpkin pie every month! Or you could just come over tonight for the leftovers – they’re almost as good!
    Love you!

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