Happy New Year 2012 In Review

In keeping with tradition, here is 2o12 summarized by a line from my first post of each month.  If you missed any of them, click on the date and you can read the whole post.

January – “Not everything in life can be so easily resolved as finding buttons in a scrap pile, but I bet I could find a lot more hidden treasures in my life without looking that hard.”

February – “Being a stay at home mama can be exhausting some times. The snickerdoodle continues in her sleep dysfunction. The cheesedoodle continues in his speech delay and potty refusal.”

March – “Last year I posted about the issues we were having with the mackerdoodle’s birthday and school cut-off dates. The idea of Jr. Kindergarten was raised and discussed, but we were unclear as to the cut off date.”

April – “Last Spring Break was a non event. . . This year, however, was a completely different experience. We packed FUN, ADVENTURE, and WARMTH into every minute.”

May – “So it is that time of year again, in which my neighbors graduate, pack their belongings into large trucks of innumerable brands, and move on. This year I will lose Suzanne and Mary Beth and that idea just puts a little sad seed in my heart.”

June – “Sometimes it’s not right or wrong, it’s just personality. Today wasn’t one of those times.”

July – “I was going to just jump into my series on Mommy Guilt with an issue, but based on the comments and emails I’ve received all week, I need to begin with a definition of what it is, exactly, I will be covering in this series and what I won’t.”

August – “Well, the mommy guilt series is taking an unintended hiatus while this mama gets an unexpected lesson in nature, nurture and prayer.”

September – “For the past two years I have put together our family’s schedule much like one puts together a puzzle, by first placing the edge pieces of Jonathan’s class and work schedule, and fitting everything else around it. This semester, however, it’s a whole new puzzle and the firm edge pieces are a little trickier.”

October – “Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I thought it would be fun to bring a Canadian Thanksgiving snack to the mackerdoodle’s class, because that’s what cool mama’s do.”

November – “An extended silence here on the blog indicates one of a few things. Either I’m too busy living life to blog about it, or we’re going through something that weighs on me, so I feel like I can’t blog, or someone has been sick. Well, no one has been sick, but those other two things are definitely happening.”

December – “Apparently another reason I don’t blog is when I am doing a lot of writing somewhere else.”