Real Life

At the last minute, due to extreme generosity (which is seemingly a trend for us lately) and the shift in our family employment this semester, we were able to travel to see my family for the holidays. It was a wonderful week, but now we’re all in fairy tale recovery mode.
The mackerdoodle feels lonely everywhere she goes without the two cousins closest to her age to play with. The snicker doodle is completely lost without her minion Elsa to read her stories and help her climb the stairs and generally treat her like the priceless royalty she already believes herself to be. The cheese doodle is struggling with the fact that despite having 11 people residing (often more in the house as Nana and Papa were a big part of our visit!) in Aunty Melissa’s house, he was more able to find some quiet space just to live in his own superhero/transformers world for a little while and recharge his introvert cells than he can here in our apartment. He was the one most ready to come home, and the one who asked when we could go back the soonest.
I wish I could say that it was only the children facing re-entry issues, but I think I might be the one having the hardest time. I was on a weeklong free ride on the Melissa train, and that’s a sweet place to be! I didn’t plan a meal or sweep a floor (that’s embarrassing to admit. Sorry!!) or organize a schedule the whole week. My sister did all the heavy lifting and I just drafted along behind, coasting through the week in her wake.
I am glad to be back at work, and back in my own bed and back in normalish routine, but I’m a little out of practice at real life, and feeling the burn.