“Comprehensive Chaos”

Please do not skip this post because I am going to write about a book! The only disappointment I have in my blog is that my book review posts are some of the least read posts. Please read this one!

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert begins with the sentence “when I was 28 years old, I boldly declared myself a lesbian,” and does not let go of your brain for the rest of the 148 pages. A startling story, told in a compelling way, it would be a temptation to tell you to read this book because you will enjoy it, but my hope is far from that. I hope that everyone who purchases and reads this book will be made uncomfortable. No matter your approach to Christianity, Rosaria Butterfield will lovingly assault it in some way. Every Christian of every stripe will find themselves challenged in a God honoring way from the pages of this thin volume.

Rosaria’s story is unlike everything you have ever read, and for me to attempt to re-tell it would be a disservice both to you and to her. She describes her conversion experience as a comprehensive chaos, and says this in the opening paragraphs, “I come to the limits of language when I try to describe my life in Jesus Christ.” I have to say, I find the same challenge in trying to describe Rosaria’s book. No matter what portion of the book I may choose to quote, someone will pigeon hole the entire work, and they would be entirely wrong.

In the end, this story is powerful because it is rooted not in our pet theories or cultural soap boxes, but is, instead, one woman’s story of the power of God to save whom He will save.

Please read this book if you claim Christ. We should all have a little more gospel centered messiness in our lives.


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2 responses to ““Comprehensive Chaos”

  • Sarah W.

    I’m glad you liked it. Interestingly, some of the parts that made me think of you as I was reading it were also the parts that made me the most challenged. . . which I mean as a compliment, though now that I’ve said it it’s rather hard to explain.

    Also, I am slightly amused because book reviews are the ONLY posts that get widely read on my blog — they are four of the top five posts. 🙂

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