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Popular consensus in seminary circles is that the four year track contains only one year of “regular life.” Year one is the “what have we done?” year. Year two is the “what are we doing?” year. Year three should be a year of regular life, followed by year four: “what will we be doing?” Right now I’m feeling like I only got one semester of the regular life, and we’re already full on into the “what will we be doing?”

Jonathan has a resume put together, has his ministry data form well under way, and is working feverishly on his ordination internship requirements. Oh, and he’s also taking classes, only now, when he plans his classes, he can’t plan to take what’s convenient for my work and the mackerdoodle’s school schedule, and just general life. Now he’s taking classes based on necessity and what will be offered within the three semesters he has left.

We’re also not that far from beginning our series of “last things,” and last things lead us, inevitably, into the question,”what’s next?” As I look ahead to the last summer in seminary, it makes my mind jump into the inevitable first summer not in seminary. What will that look like, what will it mean, “what will we be doing?”

If you pray for our seminary journey, please also begin praying for the local church to which Jonathan will be called to serve. Please pray that The Lord will begin preparing our hearts and their hearts for this next step. But also, please pray that in the midst of this, we will continue to live our regular life, and glorify The Lord in the now, instead of losing ourselves in the questions of the future.


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