Closing of a Door

All of the doodles have dropped their naps near the 2 year mark. The mackerdoodle was a little before, but as is the case with first time parents and first born children it took us a little while to recognize the signs. The cheesedoodle was a little after. I thought that maybe the snickerdoodle would break with tradition and nap into her third year like I hear some children do, but it is not to be. She lay in her bed for 45 minutes this afternoon without so much as a long blink. I suspect she’ll be completely nap free before her second birthday next month.

There is a sense in which I am, not exactly sad, but certainly a little pensive regarding this transition. When the mackerdoodle left behind her nap her brother was a sleepy newborn and when he dropped his nap, I was trying to negotiate the snickerdoodle’s Pavlik harness sleep positions. But here we are at a place where no naps for one means no naps for all and that is a bit of a closing of a door.

It is, however, a welcome closing of a door. Yes, it is saying goodbye to the sweet cuddly baby years, but having a child in school and another one napping becomes quite the juggling act some days. No naps make two services on Sunday far more easily managed. It makes hospitality (both giving and receiving) less cumbersome and in general is just easier to plan life.

This evening, however, I remembered the main reason I have enjoyed transition out of naps with each of my children. Last night it took the snickerdoodle 45 minutes of somersaults and singing to fall asleep. Tonight it was 4.5 minutes from turning out the lights to snores. That is a door that I am happy to close!


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One response to “Closing of a Door

  • Deborah Bolton

    I missed this one, Coralie. Our baby was the one that slept the least, and I was hoping that she would nap longer too. I remember when it got to the point that if she did fall asleep during the day, we knew she was sick. However, since Mommy really needed the break, we had a rest period in the bedrooms on the beds with a book or a quiet toy. Whew! I love reading your blog. Isn’t being a wife and mom great?

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