Countdown to Real Life Re-Entry

We left our home in Saint Louis 40 days ago and we’re all starting to feel it a little. Our time in New Brunswick was wonderful, and our week with family has been relaxing and full of fun, but we’re all ready to be in our own home, with our own things, and in our own routine. Of course, re-entry into our seminary world is re-entry into an exit lane. 18 credit hours of work stand between my husband and the end of the tunnel that has been our life for the past 3 years and then we’re moving on to something new. It’s like going home to start saying goodbye and that is a strange sensation.

I suspect that this will be the theme of my blog posts over the next little while, as much as the move to seminary dominated the posts for those six transitioning months. My mind is full not only with goodbyes and last things and closing doors, but also with anticipation and new things and new, unknown doors.

Our countdown to real life re-entry won’t stop when we get home to Saint Louis. It will just reset.


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