Nothing Stays the Same

We arrived home on Tuesday evening and it was so nice to be home my own bed, cooking in my own kitchen. It has been wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and for the majority of them to light up at seeing mine. How comforting to be greeted, over and over, with “So nice to have you home!”

On Wednesday I ran errands, and everywhere I stopped, including both of my regular grocery stores and my bank, had been changed in subtle, but significant ways. By the time I got to Aldi, the last stop, I was left with the strong impression that I had come back not home, but to an alternate universe. Unfortunately in this new universe I still did not work for Global Dynamics or Massive Dynamic. I just couldn’t find tuna.

We are in our “last things” stage of seminary, in which I say crazy things like “of course we have to do Cow Appreciation day at Chick-fil-A! It will be our last chance!” The little changes in the familiar places remind me that even if we were going to live here for the next twenty-two years, it wouldn’t stay the same. We would still say good bye, we would still have last chances and we would still have adjustment. When we move on to the church for which The Lord has prepared my husband, and we get settled and put down roots, there will still be changes and good byes and last chances and adjustments. In the first few months I will have plenty of times that I can’t find the tuna and the toilet paper; but the possibility remains that after ten years I could walk into a grocery store I know by heart and everything has changed and I won’t be able to find the tuna or the toilet paper.

Several people have said to me lately regarding the final year of seminary, “oh I just couldn’t go through that. I don’t like change.” The Lord is reminding me that there is nothing we can do to avoid it. Instead, we roll with the change, and rest in the Unchanging One.


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