Respite and Resting

We are about to embark upon the busiest semester of our seminary experience. Through several factors, none of which I can really blog about at this time, Jonathan is going to be carrying 6 classes (14 credits) this semester, I am going to continue to work, AND I am going to be homeschooling the mackerdoodle (this is a reflection of our circumstance, NOT a response to her school. We loved our year there.). I sat down yesterday and wrote out our weekly schedule for the semester including the one vehicle shuffle points and just putting it on paper made me exhausted. I am excited about the reasons this is all happening, but right now I am feeling a little bit like I am standing on a beach knowing that a wave is about to come and bracing myself for it.

However, in the lull before the wave, Jonathan is home more than he has ever been home probably in our entire marriage and certainly in the children’s lifetimes. Today I am at home, alone, in a quiet house, drinking iced coffee and about to take an uninterrupted shower before finishing up the curriculum I am writing for the fall all because Jonathan took the kids to the zoo (early for the free hour and to beat the heat). The semester is hanging there, but before it rolls in the Lord has given us a wonderful period of rest to catch our breath, and assume the stance, and dive into it, instead of being bowled over and just about drowning.


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