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064 These are our seminary friends, the Davises. We have been walking this seminary walk together in a pretty close way. Jonathan and Michael go to class together, and we go to church together. Our oldest daughters have been in Sunday school and ballet together, and Michelle and I have connected in our shared history of pregnancy loss and infertility. See that beautiful pink bundle sitting on her Daddy’s knee?  I cried when we found out she was on the way!

Shortly after we all arrived here in this city, to do this thing called seminary, a man named Michael Oh spoke at a Covenant chapel. Oh noted that while men graduate from seminary in the U.S. every year without churches to pastor, there are many churches worldwide begging for pastors. When he heard that, our friend Michael Davis promised the Lord that he would go wherever he was needed.

This summer, while the Lord was guiding us to a church in New Brunswick who has been praying for a pastor,  the Lord made it clear to Michael and Michelle that He was calling them to serve a congregation in Northern England with no pastor. (you can read Michelle’s words on her blog here and here) We are just so excited to see the Lord guiding and moving them in this endeavor, and we would sort of like some of you to get excited about it to. Michael and Michelle need prayer, and they need financial support to make this all final.

If you want more information about the Michael and Michelle, the church to which they are going, or their specific needs, click here and make contact with them. If you have been supporting us through seminary, and are wondering where to redirect those funds in January, we would be delighted if you chose to move that support to the Davises.

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