The Myth of the Organized Move

This is our 13th move in 18 years of marriage, and you would think that we would have it down to a science by now. You would think that I would have a schedule and a plan and would be facing this with no sweat. You would think.
In reality, I am convinced that an organized move is a myth. There are several factors to this. First, you reach a point in each room in which packing actually creates more clutter. You remove every item from a bookshelf or a cabinet or a dresser, and place it in a box. Then, in a room in which you once had full furniture, you now have empty furniture, and full boxes. There is no way to make that not inconvenient. Secondly, there is almost no way to avoid the box of “weird random miscellany.” We have to clearly label and inventory every item we bring with us across the border into Canada. I do not have the luxury of a box labeled “Misc.” In a scrawled hand. Yet, inevitably as soon as I determine a box to be complete, and seal it, I will find, moments later, another item that belongs in that box. Sometimes those items can collect together and I can create a second box labeled “office supplies.” But usually I am looking at a packed box and wondering how I can fit one more thing into it. Sometimes it fits. Sometimes it doesn’t and the random things pile grows a little. But the real issue is just that the only way to truly have an organized move is to be able to remove things as they are packed, or no longer needed, but that is just not a reality for most people in most moves. Instead I am packing around the towers of things already packed, or assigned to trash or donation. There is no organized solution to this. It is just the nature of the beast.
So my goal is no longer to have a tidy move, or even an organized one in the way I picture it. Instead, I am just aiming to have a complete move in which I am not throwing things into garbage bags and screaming for everyone to slow down. I think that is a reasonable goal.


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