2013 in Review – Happy New Year

I am struck this year not by the words alone, but also by the silences.  One year ago today my brother-in-law casually mentioned a church in New Brunswick may be looking for pulpit supply in the summer. “Would you be interested?” he asked. And a year later, almost exactly, we’re living here. It’s been a big year, and a tough year, and the real story is sometimes in what wasn’t blogged this year, not in what was.

In keeping with tradition, however, here is 2o13 summarized by a line from my first post of each month.  If you missed any of them, click on the date and you can read the whole post.

January: Today I thought my identity had been stolen.

February: I have notebooks filled with things I have written since high school. Most of it is very, very bad, but there are some occasional germs of ideas that could develop into something worth reading.

March: I have lately been reading through the Westminster Confession of Faith as a devotional.

April: It is the mark of a wonderful husband and father to find joy in a birthday that features someone else’s vomit and canned chicken noodle soup.

May: So next school year is a mystery. How will The Lord provide? I am certainly only that he will, because unlike me, He finishes what he starts.

June: There is, of course, little else here to occupy his mind other than his two passions of family and preaching. This is not a reality of ministry. Were he pastoring, instead of just preaching, he would have less pleasant weights to drag at his attention. But for right now, this is the perfect opportunity to refuel him for that final push into the last year of seminary.

July: This month would have been an answer to prayer and a wonderful experience even if my anxieties had been true; but it was so much more, and so much better, than I had ever really hoped to pray.

August: Today Jonathan and the Mac and cheese doodles had a chance to go to Six Flags St. Louis courtesy of neighbors with season’s passes. That has left just me and the snickerdoodle to hang out all day.

September:  It’s late and I’m tired, but I have to share some cute kid moments.

October: From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, says proverbs, and when each of my children have developed verbal skills I have found it discouraging for their mouths to reveal the sin I have always known to be present in theory, but had often denied in practice.

November:  In 2010 we had our first seminary US Thanksgiving. We weren’t going to travel, and our new neighbors, the Baudhuins, had just brought a baby home from NICU, so they weren’t traveling. We decided to celebrate together.

December:  So here we are, on the brink of that original dream and I fear the goodbyes and the hellos.


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