On Busy Hands and the Pleasure of God

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast!
And when I run I feel his pleasure.”
― Eric Liddell

I never saw it coming, but at some point after the Cheesedoodle was born, I realized that I enjoyed being my home maker. I never had enjoyed being at home before kids. I am an extrovert and I found housework to be tedious and lonely, so I found reasons not to be at home; but two children in 22 months was enough of an anchor to stop me from drifting away and I found joy in it. Sure, the business of scrubbing toilets and washing dishes and folding laundry is, and will always be, a personal challenge; however, there are many aspects of being at home, and managing my home, that I enjoy and I missed those things in the last two years as I worked outside the home. I really enjoyed the work I did for our St. Louis church, but I missed cooking real meals from scratch, and having the time to bake desserts or experiment with new recipes. I missed crochet and some of the paper crafting that I had begun to learn. I missed hospitality. Mostly I missed being the one who set the tone of our home in almost every way.

In the six weeks since our move, I have found myself once more enjoying the task of home maker. I have begun again to bake bread, and when a new friend cleared out some of her yarn, my fingers remembered with joy the comforting rhythm of single and double and treble crochet stitches. I have found myself taking heed of the admonition in Titus 2:5 to be busy in my home and I have not struggled to find ways in which to do so. The addition of educating the oldest two children has certainly contributed to busyness of my hands.

On Monday I sat down to write a silly skit for a friend. It was very stupid – in fact some of the worst writing I’ve done since high school – and I felt a grief that my writing had become rusty from lack of use, and simultaneously a settling in my spirit as I wrote as if I had been gone too long from a well loved place and was once again where I belonged.

It made me think of the quote from Eric Liddell with which I opened this post. Eric Liddell spent most of his life ministering in obscurity, and is, in fact, more famous for a race he did not run that for any that he did; yet, just as he trained and studied for his ministry in China, he also trained and prepared his body to race, because he believed (correctly) that he could be fast for the glory of God. I know that The Lord has called me primarily to serve my family, and to serve alongside my husband in the local church. I am pleased with this calling and thank The Lord for it. But I can also write, and when I write I feel His pleasure. I cannot abandon the greater calling for the lesser gifting, however I also know that I cannot ignore a good and perfect gift given from the Father.

So I will remain constant in my efforts to be busy at home, and to manage my household; but I will also make time to write for the pleasure and glory of God.


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