It’s the Little Things.

On Friday, May 2, Jonathan had his last class of seminary. Ever.

For four years we have celebrated “last class day” each semester with friends and neighbors. It was one of my favorite traditions. But Friday was different. As Jonathan emerged from his computer streaming for the last time, I was overwhelmed with a tremendous sadness that this grandest last class of all those last classes would go uncelebrated. I had tears in my eyes as I washed the lunch dishes and remembered our friend Chad playing the Hallelujah chorus across the shared lawn in our seminary neighborhood. It seemed so wrong to miss that today, of all the days.

Jonathan had suggested we get ice cream to celebrate and I had posted that to Facebook on Thursday. When we arrived at the Dairy Bar this was what greeted us:

008So I am still missing our seminary friends today, but I am overwhelmed at how blessed we are that after only four months here, these people would come to celebrate a moment that they didn’t share. They weren’t there out of a shared experience, they were there to celebrate with us (and enjoy that ice cream, because OHMYWORD!) because they love us. We are blessed, and the Lord is good.


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  • bobbistowellbrown

    Congratulations on the last class! I love celebrations! My husband doesn’t love them but he will make an effort to celebrate my birthday. We are still working on the anniversary celebrations after 49 years.

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